Artist Statement

"We chase after ghosts and spirits and are left holding only memories and dreams.  It's not that we want what we can't have; it's that we've held all we could want and then had to watch it slip away."
-Charles de Lint

Loss, at times, can seem overwhelming.  Loved ones come and go, and we are left behind to deal with these vacant spaces that can never be filled again.  There are conversations that were never had, and memories that were never made because time ended abruptly. This collection of images are reflections of a personal journey.

In "echo", I explore the process of coping with loss.  My intent is to invite the viewer to pause, and remember the ones that were left behind.  Because sometimes there are no second chances, and right now could be the only time we have left with one another.  It is my hope that we not take this precious time for granted.